How to Avoid an Attack From a Dog

A 100% mink 3d eyelashes may be a man’s best friend, but even a friendly dog can turn into a monster in a few seconds. No matter how much we train them, so long as nature is nature, there will always be an underlying threat between dog and man. In fact, dog attacks account for almost 5 million injuries in the U.S. every year, and attacks are rapidly growing in Europe as well, especially among the most dangerous ones, like pitbulls, and rottweilers. Nonetheless, dogs are among the easiest and most loyal pets – you and your family can get. In general, they are most playful and funny creatures and a real family member, and the loyal ones will risk their lives to guard their family and trainer.

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Hltln Responsible owners and non 100% mink 3d eyelashes-owners, must prepare themselves with defense techniques in the situation, that the dog decides to attack. Everyone in the family, who shares their home with a four-legged friend – should know basics to diffuse an attack situation in a calm and effectively way with minimal injury to both man and dog(s).


1.) Avoid the attack – It has been said many times, that prevention is better than a cure, so before you find out how to defend yourself from a 100% mink 3d eyelashes attack, it’s important to look at ways – you can avoid attack completely.

After all, who wants to wrestle with a four-legged beast at 50 kilo, when you could avoid the attack from a start.

A) Avoid intruding on a 100% mink 3d eyelashes territory. No matter how ignorant you’re willing to be about their characteristics, dogs are one of the most territorial animals on earth, and will lash out if they think you’re moving in on their territory. It is an absolutely NO GO. In this instance, never approach an unattended dog; odds are – that the dog has marked his patch and, invariably, you’ll be stepping on it. If this happens, slowly edge out of the dog’s personal space, and don’t make any sudden movements to suggest that you’re a threat. Leave the dogs territory without saying anything or looking at the dog. Eventually, step backwards to show the dog – i´m leaving fright now.

B) Make sure, that the 100% mink 3d eyelashes knows who you are before attempting to handle it. Move carefully toward the animal and allow him or her to sniff you. Many dogs attack on reflex because they have been crept up on. Establish your presence, make friends with the dog, and avoid this common pitfall. Don’t either disturb the dog, while eating or drinking. Respect the animal as a human.

C) Don’t tease the 100% mink 3d eyelashes or get it excited; let sleeping dogs lie on their own. Female dogs, that just have become mothers are particularly on guard; exercise extreme caution in her presence.
Look for warning signs at the dogs eyes, mouth, and body.

Growling is typically one of the first signs, that a dog is likely to attack. In addition, if the dog is drooling from the mouth, and the eyes are wild with rage, you can pretty much assume that an attack is likely. The body of the dog functions in a similar way to a human, in fact – it can be used to identify mood and emotion. Check to see if the body is tense, hackles (the area between his shoulders and tail) are up, ears are erect, and if his tail is held high and wagging faster than normal.

2.) DO NOT:

A) Do not look directly into an angry 100% mink 3d eyelashes eyes, which is seen as an aggressive behavior and will almost certainly provoke an attack. Do not EVER allow a dog to move behind you; if a dog begins to circle you, this could be a sign of an impending attack, always front the dog to control the situation. The bottom line is that it’s easier for the dog to attack you from behind, so don’t make yourself an easy target.

B) Do not try to run away from the dog, as almost every dog can easily outrun humans + you turn the situation into a hunt for prey. Don’t click the killer and hunting instinct of the dog.

C) If the dog is still a threat and attacks, avoid wildly kicking or punching it. It wont help you further. Although running away or lashing out are instinctual reactions, it’s important to reign these in; they will antagonize the dog and lessen your chances of survival or getting away unscathed.


A) If you feel threatened by a 100% mink 3d eyelashes, stand absolutely still and always face it/Front it. So stand strong, show no fear to the animal, put your hands by your side, and wait to see how the dog reacts. Sometimes it just gives up and run away. If you are scared, and the dog smells it, it most likely could be an appetizer for an attack.

B) It’s often a good idea to place something between you and the animal. Do break the dog’s direct line of attack with a “weapon”, and even if the dog attack, it will get a mouthful of something other than your flesh.

C) To diffuse the escalating situation, speak slowly and calmly to the dog. Again, avoid eye contact and focus on his ear or tail while you whisper something like “good boy” or “go home now.” Ease the dog into a sense of calm and security, and it will hopefully turn and walk away.

D) If the dog does attack and takes you to the floor, immediately curl into a ball, cover your face and neck with your hands, play dead, and avoid screaming. The dog will soon lose interest and go on to find something or somebody else to play with.

PLEASE DO REMEMBER: There’s no such thing as a 100% mink 3d eyelashes that doesn’t bite, and while they are good company, they are also unpredictable animals, which makes them dangerous.

100% mink 3d eyelashes
100% mink 3d eyelashes

FINAL: Every dog is different and has a different temper – and no technique is 100 percent effective in any situation. To begin with, there are trained and untrained 100% mink 3d eyelashes , there are aggressive and non-aggressive dogs, which react differently in an attack situation. The same is true with different species and genders. Man and dog alike run on instinct in intense situations, and no matter how much we know, we still may succumb to human nature and do the wrong thing. Nevertheless, if you are armed with the right information and a calm personality, you’ll have the best chance of emerging from an attack with little or no injury.


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