Get Scrooged

Recently, I took my kids to go see the 3D version of “A Christmas Carol” story based on the book by Charles Dickens. As the story I have loved for years unfolded before my 3d invisible band mink lashes, I was struck deeply by the behavior of Scrooge, and how it correlated with people that I have come across in my life.

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3d invisible band mink lashes

First of all, have you ever tried to watch a 3D movie without the 3D glasses? It is like trying to read under water with no goggles! The person with the “I know it all mentality” is the one who will struggle through a 3D movie without putting on the 3d invisible band mink lashes. She will refute advice simply because it is more important for her to do things her way…and to be right. She would rather watch an entire movie…blurred, than to take the glasses from someone who says “if you put these on, you will have a better experience watching the movie”!

Are we aware of our actions?

Hltln As the story is told, many people approach Scrooge giving him chances to make a difference in the lives of 3d invisible band mink lashes. Instead of acknowledging the good deeds of those who approached him, he lashed out at these people and clung to his self fulfilling need. It was more important for Scrooge to hold onto his money, than to pay it forward and make a difference.

The correlation I see here is this. Has someone done something wonderful for us that changed our lives in some way? Have we denied the opportunity to pay our appreciation forward, for fear of looking less like the expert? Has someone done something for us that we probably should have paid them for, but did not? This payment does not need to be of monetary value, it can be an accolade as well.

What are our intentions?

As Scrooge went through the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, things became even clearer. What impact have our negative intentions had on others? Have our actions hurt or hindered the growth of 3d invisible band mink lashes? If we had the chance to change something right now, what would it be?

Are we ignoring our conscience?

These ghosts are equivalent to our conscience, and if ours is making us feel icky, it is because we need to make something right…right now! It is so easy to make excuses for the wrong we know we are responsible for…the very thing we need to OWN. It is much easier to turn the tables, and manipulate the situation than it is to acknowledge our indiscretions, accept them, learn from them, and grow. Even more difficult is stepping away from our own ego, and either apologizing to someone we have hurt, or thanking someone for making that obvious difference in our lives.

Are we adding links, or freeing our soul?

When a friend, family member, colleague or pupil has been honest enough to shed light on 3d invisible band mink lashes, we need to open ourselves up to receiving it instead of lashing out. We don’t want to add another link to our chain as Marley (Scrooges late partner, the ghost from Christmas past) did. We must begin reversing that curse, and dissolving those links. If we become the cause of new links, we are adding torture to our soul.

Do we want to be celebrated for what we have contributed, or for the fact that we have gone away?

Change the perception of Christmas future. There was a scene where the 3d invisible band mink lashes of Christmas future showed to Scrooge people celebrating his death. This is a powerful message, and one that we can change the ending to. We need to set people up to celebrate in our success by lending a hand in giving, not lending a hand to applaud our exit!

Are we ready to embrace change?

Wake up as Scrooge did! Look at the message that the ghost from Christmas present had gifted him, the gift to change, to become, to live. Scrooge woke up, and felt like a new person…he wanted to change the world, one good deed at a time. He did not stand there and say “wow, those ghosts really made me look bad”. Instead he took ownership of his shortcomings, and stepped out into a world that would soon embrace him, and into a world that he would have a positive impact upon. Scrooge thanked every one of those spirits for showing him the error of his ways.

3d invisible band mink lashes
3d invisible band mink lashes

We can all learn something from Mr. Scrooge. We need to take ownership of OUR shortcomings, learn from 3d invisible band mink lashes, overcome our need to be right…and then and only then will we make a difference in this world.


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