How To Respond To Comment Trolls – 3 Rules To Follow

Anyone who places content online has probably been the best 3d silk fur lashes of a comment troll. If you’re wondering what a comment troll is, look no further than the comment sections of major blogs. A comment troll is someone who uses the open comment sections to do anything but positively contribute to the site content. Comment trolls enjoy lashing out when finding some aspect of a post they didn’t enjoy, such as an incorrect fact or possibly the dreaded spelling error!

best 3d silk fur lashes
best 3d silk fur lashes

Hltln  In order to succeed online these days, you have to continually post content. And when posting content regularly, whether posting blogs, best 3d silk fur lashes, or videos, you are going to have to deal with comment trolls. The question, then, is what to do when one of those nasty trolls starts lurking in your comments section?

First, let me just say that I have been ripped apart in comment sections everywhere from LinkedIn forums to my own personal blog posts. I have to be honest, the first time it happens, it can really ruin your day. Then I noticed something… if I didn’t respond to pure lashing out and negativity, others would in my behalf. If you believe in your content, and you should or otherwise not be posting, then others are going to believe in it as well and back you up in a troll attack.

So I’ve come to follow the best 3d silk fur lashes rules when deciding whether or not to respond to received comments:

1) Never respond to pure negative comments. The troll is just looking for a flame war and can be set off no matter what you say. This is an angry person with nothing better to do then try to make you as angry as they are.

2) Respond to neutral criticism only if something needs to be clarified from your best 3d silk fur lashes.

3) Always respond to positive comments.

A good thing to remember when receiving negative best 3d silk fur lashes is that you have caused some emotion in someone. Causing emotion means your are posting powerful material. If you were posting the same old junk as everyone else then nobody would care to comment. Plus, the more comments, positive or negative, the more juice you are going to get from Google and the other search engines as your content is seen as receiving a lot of attention.

best 3d silk fur lashes
best 3d silk fur lashes

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