Couples Keys to Harmony – Part 1

A harmonious relationship uplifts the fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers, heals and vitalizes the body, fuels the heart with inspiration and helps the mind to clearly focus. It empowers you to tackle every challenge in life more easily and more effectively.

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Hltln Disharmony in a marriage, in contrast, poisons the spouses’ moods and attitudes, distracts their mental focus and undermines their physical fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers. It lowers their levels of performance in every area of life. It contributes more strife to the world.

The children of a couple in discord receive the brunt of its disturbing impact, in part because the child’s personality is shaped by every aspect of her surroundings, including the quality of relationships to which she is exposed.

A 3-year old attacked another child at preschool the day after his parents had a severe fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers. A 5-year old yelled at his teacher after one of his parents’ typical screaming matches. During one of his wife’s extended silent-steaming periods of deep feelings of resentment toward him, the father of an eight-year old endured his child disrespectfully ignoring his greeting and sneering at him hostilely when he asked her what was wrong, appearing like a young mirror-reflection of her mother’s darting, angry glance. A 14-year old bullies his younger brother in a manner that matches the condescending, bossy way his father rules the roost. His mother sadly observed that the younger sibling shows morose signs of demoralization that reminds her of how powerless she feels to change the situation.

A child’s problematic fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers can often be traced back to the strife in his parent’s relationship. Even the way a child’s divorced parents relate with one another can send a child’s behavior and attitude into a negative spiral. As long as his parents squabble, or one parent mistreats the other, the child has more difficulty demonstrating higher potential and finds it easier to demonstrate lower potential. If your child is getting into trouble, but you believe your marriage to be harmonious enough, you may want to check with your spouse to see if you are in agreement. If your spouse disagrees, and you belittle her point of view, at least a part of the problem with your relationship has surfaced. While no relationship is perfect, because a marriage is a manifestation of life, and life is fraught with challenge, you can always improve the quality of your relationship to make a more positive experience and influence.

And the influence of the quality of the marriage of a child’s parents proves fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers. Take a close look at the ways that you relate with your mate and you will most likely see characteristics similar to the weaknesses and strengths displayed by the ways your parents related. When you belittle your spouse’s viewpoint, you teach your child to relate similarly with that parent, as well as with others. When you express genuine kindness, sensitivity and respect toward your spouse, your fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers learns to express those finer qualities in all relationships.

One of the most negative results of an inharmonious relationship is the challenge it poses to the self-esteem of the couple and the fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers involved. We all have a dream, an ideal, of the perfect relationship. And children have a dream for their parents’ relationship. When that dream goes bust, we consciously or unconsciously feel a sense of inferiority, inadequacy, unworthiness. This further lowers or level of motivation and makes it impossible for us to bring our best to life.

Because the relationship between the parents demonstrates so much authority over the fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers feelings and behaviors, both now and long into the future, the harmony of their relationship equates with a primary parental responsibility. To improve your child’s level of performance in any area of life, including school, bring more stable, loving, mutual respectful harmony into your marriage. To improve your own results in any area of your life, reduce the strife and increase the harmony in your marriage. If you struggle financially, for instance, that may be a result or reflection, to some extent, of the draining impact of your conflict with your mate.

Now that we have established the crucial importance of a harmonious relationship, let’s examine how to achieve it.

fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers
fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers

Perhaps the fake mink 3d eyelash manufacturers obstacle to marital harmony has to do with the belief that our mate has to change. This distracts us from our true source of power to improve things, and ends up keeping us feeling stuck in the same old cycle of marital strife.


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