How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It’s important to wash your faux mink lashes brushes on a regular basis to prevent bacteria from accumulating and to preserve their lifespan. the process is easy and takes only a few minutes.

faux mink lashes
faux mink lashes

First, gather your materials. This includes all of your faux mink lashes brushes, a few clean towels and any soft shampoo that’s available. There are special shampoos that you can purchase over the counter but so long as yours isn’t too rough on hair, you can use it as a fine alternative. You may think that it’s wise to use conditioner if your brushes are made with natural hair, however this is not the case. Only use shampoo to wash them.

Wet the brush thoroughly under the tap, cleaning larger brushes one at a time. The water may run clean depending on how often you use the brush but even so it’s a good idea to wash all of your brushes on a regular basis if only to get rid of bacteria. Add a single drop to the end of the brush (two drops if it’s large) and rub the brush gently in a circular motion in your palm until you have created suds and the suds look clean.

Once your brush is clean, run it under the tap again, making sure to wash out all of the soap and bacteria. Massage the bristles with your fignertips, running from base to tip, however be gentle and don’t pull hard on the hairs. Continue rinsing under the tap until the water runs clean and all traces of soap are gone. Squeeze the brush from base to tip to remove excess water and once you have done this, gently tap the brush onto one of the clean towels. Set your brushes out to dry overnight, laying them down flat on their sides. Standing them upright when drying them off can cause water to run into the glue that holds the bristles in place. You may need to reshape the bristles.

Once you have left them to dry overnight, they should be dry enough to use. If they are still damp, let them air dry longer. Do not use a blow dryer to speed up the process and do not use them to apply faux mink lashes. Just let them sit and when they’re finally bone dry, you’ll have rejuvenated brushes at your disposal.

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