Applying Makeup Perfectly With Glasses

Have you ever put on eyeglasses after applying your mink 3d lashes suppliers and wondered what happened to your look? You’re not alone! Many women with eyeglasses slap on their makeup in one of two ways. They either put on too much or not enough. Putting on too much makeup can make someone look old, dated, and quite unfashionable. Wearing too little makeup when you wear eyeglasses can make you look sickly, meek, and unapproachable. Fear not, there are a few tricks that you can utilize that will make your makeup application look professional and chic without trying too hard – all while wearing prescription eyeglasses.

mink 3d lashes suppliers
mink 3d lashes suppliers

Hltln Makeup is supposed to make you look like a well-kept version of yourself, so it’s no surprise that so many women take it very seriously. The first mistake many women make is the wrong foundation! Since you wear eyeglasses, you have likely experienced the foundation cake that forms under the nose pads or on the sides of your nose, right? There’s a reason this happens – oil. Your skin secretes oil which mixes with a lot of liquid foundations and causes a cake-like appearance under your frames. The solution is to try mineral mink 3d lashes suppliers. It goes on evenly and, since it’s powder-based, your oils won’t mix with it like they do with liquid foundation. Additionally, liquid foundation isn’t always easy to put on and many women cake it on under their eyes which are only magnified when you wear glasses. Applying a mineral-based powder foundation will keep that from happening because there’s a more smooth application process with powder, plus the foundation itself is lighter.

The next step is blush and the best option is a cream or gel-based blush. A cheek stain is usually a great option since it gives you that just-stepped-off-the-ski-slopes look that so many women want to achieve without actually having to do any physical exercise. Additionally, the days of the strip – you know, the strip of blush that extends from your cheekbone to the apple of your cheek – is long gone. Try a bronze-toned cream blush just under your cheekbone and blend it upwards, then apply a rose-tinted gel blush to the apple of your cheeks. It’ll look more natural and give you more definition without drawing too much attention.

Remember this tip: eye mink 3d lashes suppliers is your friend when you wear eyeglasses. Since your eyes will be somewhat magnified, play up the colors and textures. Put a base color on your eyes in a neutral shade and build from there. You’re not trying to out play your eyeglasses – you can let them be the main feature – so stick to neutral browns and soft tones on the lid and a darker tone in the crease to add dimension. Line your eyes boldly with a black, dark brown, or even bright green or blue shade – just for a bit of accent. Then, add a lot of mascara but avoid the spider eyes.

Your last application should be lipstick. You don’t want to compete with your prescription eyeglasses. For bold, black eyeglasses, red lips add a nice retro feel. It’s always a good idea, though, to start light and apply a darker or more bold color if needed. It’s easier to put more on than it is to take some of it off – regardless of the shade. Your mink 3d lashes suppliers should never really compete with your eyeglasses but they should compliment them. With that mindset, play around and enjoy yourself!

mink 3d lashes suppliers
mink 3d lashes suppliers

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