Using Tightline Activator to Get the Perfect, No-Crease, Eyeliner

Creating the perfect eyeliner has never been easy. But with the right tools and the right product it is simple to create the look in under two minutes. For over ten years, I have been “playing” and working in the premium mink eyelashes industry and through the years I have found what products really work and do the ‘job’ like they say they do.

premium mink eyelashes
premium mink eyelashes

Hltln The product I am talking about is not new but it was new to me when I discovered it about a year ago! Let me ask you this, do you ever feel like it takes forever to get your premium mink eyelashes on smoothly? Do you ever feel like when you are putting on eyeliner you have to constantly look back in the mirror to correct it? And what should take a minute or two ends up taking up all of your ‘makeup’ time? Do you ever find that your eyeliner smudges and creases and doesn’t ‘stay’ like the person or the writing on the box said that it would? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions than here are some solutions that I can pretty much guarantee will be worth taking a look at!

Here are the basic three steps that I recommend for getting your eyeliner on smoothly and in under two-minutes, while also not having to worry about it creasing throughout the day.

Step 1: Use the tightline premium mink eyelashes from Laura Mercier. They have six shades and all of them are seriously beautiful and doesn’t look heavy or too bright and crazy on the lid.

Step 2 Grab the new tightline activator to use with your flat premium mink eyelashes brush. It has a special polymer that makes the liner smudge proof and easy to apply without creasing. This item is a must because it makes your eyeliner water resistant and who doesn’t like NON-CREASE eyeliner?

Step 3: Dip your brush into the tightline eyeliner and apply it under your eyelid next to your water line (yes, I said UNDER your top premium mink eyelashes). This does not mean you shouldn’t use it on the lash line on top, but it makes the liner look much more natural and it is so much easier to apply because you cannot mess it up!

premium mink eyelashes
premium mink eyelashes

You’re done and you now have plenty of time to get the kids to school, go to the market and relax at a coffee shop with a friend you haven’t seen in a couple premium mink eyelashes!


Cynthia Farsadi
Entrepreneur/Makeup Artist


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