More Facts About Man-Made Fragrances and Mineral Makeup

In the previous article, we talked about the bad effects of man-made fragrances to our quality 3d silk lashes. But just when you thought these only were its harmful effects, then be prepared for a surprise for there is more. There is more danger that man-made fragrances can bring to us.

quality 3d silk lashes
quality 3d silk lashes

Hltln Man-made fragrances can also affect our brain and nervous system. These harmful effects can be immediate or transitory and it can chronic and long lasting. Fragrances can modify brain flow, pulse, mood. It can alter blood pressure and also trigger migraine headaches. They can also be quality 3d silk lashes, have potent sedative effects and even use for public behavior control.

For its effects on the respiratory system, man-mad fragrances can induce and worsen respiratory problems. It can cause inflammation, increase mucus production, make the airways more injury-prone and susceptible to allergens. It can also trigger and worsen conditions such as allergies, asthma, sinus problems and other respiratory disorders.

15% of people suffer a lower airway irritation when exposed to man-made fragrances.

72% of asthmatics report that man-made fragrance as triggers.

1 in 14 adults are now suffering from asthma.

Asthma rates have doubled since the 1980s.

A severe asthma that has been triggered by acute man-made fragrances can cause death.

These are the facts that can endanger you and your family. What are you going to do about it?

Choose beauty products that are safe for you. Choose products that are all-natural like mineral quality 3d silk lashes. They contain no harmful ingredients and contain no synthetic chemicals. Mineral makeup is all natural. It is 100% safe.

Mineral Makeup Is something that a lot of my patients use and love, and I use it myself. It’s also the product most patients ask about,” says Kathryn Frew, MD, a dermatologist at Juva Skin and Laser Center and MediSpa in New York City. Many dermatologists report that because mineral quality 3d silk lashes frequently eliminates classic “irritants” – like fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes, and preservatives — it is considered “purer” and can be kinder to the skin.

quality 3d silk lashes
quality 3d silk lashes

Mineral quality 3d silk lashes can also have a calming effect on the skin, particularly important if you suffer from inflammatory problems such as rosacea or acne.

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