Beauty Aids Could Make You Look Young Again

If your skin texture is normal, then you can go in for several types. You may go in for any of your favorite brands, or opt for a placid mask that is great for the thin-skinned silk individual lashes, or utilize the sparkle in a bottle.

silk individual lashes
silk individual lashes

Hltln Dull-looking skin needs to acquire some sheen. The best one for you then would be the peel-off type, which is an exfoliating facial mask. And when you are in a hurry, go in for the “fruity” mask (made from fruits); the fragrance and radiance are both, silk individual lashes!

If your skin is dry, go in for something that will keep your skin moist, and prevent the loss of natural oils. It is important that this mask penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin and enhances new cell formation. Sometimes, a scrub is also required to gain that special “look.”

Finally, for the oily skin or a combination silk individual lashes, a clay mask is the best. This cools the skin, cleanses it and hydrates it. You should see all those ugly blackheads and excess oil disappearing like magic. If unwanted substances are allowed to clog your skin pores, then your skin will become toxic within no time. Hence, use a natural clay facial mask once a week, and leave it on for an hour each time.

Okay, now that we have got the masks out of the way, what about makeup? Do remember, you are never too old for silk individual lashes; it is a free world and you have the liberty to be yourself!

You need the following, to pamper yourself and come out looking radiant—light foundation, concealer, loose face powder, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip pencil, lipstick, and pink powder blush.

– Everything starts with a base; so apply the foundation lightly onto your face. Use the concealer next. – Give importance to the area around your eyes, for you wish people to notice your eye shadow.

– Your face should look translucent and not heavily made up. Hence, dust it lightly with the face powder. – Use a medium-sized shadow brush to apply the eye shadow. Use basic brown for the eyelids. A darker shade will suit the outer corners and creases. Finally, the brow bone can content itself with light beige.

– The eyelids also need some grooming. When done, use a brush to give an arched look. Highlight this look with the aid of your eyebrow pencil. To match the eye shadow, let this also be brown.

– Who does not love curled silk individual lashes? Well then, use your mascara to do the trick. It should be black in color. Use the brush to turn your lashes upward, and then apply the mascara. The upper lashes, especially the middle, can be thickened with the aid of the black eyeliner.

– Your lips need to be outlined first, before applying the lipstick. The lip pencil had better be flesh-colored. A light red shade of lipstick will look nice. Use a lip brush to get that perfect shape. Blotting paper will remove the excess.

silk individual lashes
silk individual lashes

– Now, use the soft powder blush on your temples, cheeks and chin. Again, you can utilize a large brush for the silk individual lashes.


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