The Top 5 Indicators That You Need Help Dealing With The Terrible Two’s Stage

For most parents out there, outside of severe health silk lash wholesale, one of the first major parental challenges to be navigated is when your child goes through the charming Terrible Two’s stage. Almost overnight it seems as though your delightful little toddler somehow changes their personality completely, learns how to throw a temper tantrum and starts yelling at you in defiance of just about everything!

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Hltln  This surely can be a challenging stage of their development and the majority of parents experience many silk lash wholesale, frustrations and even feelings of complete helplessness. If you are struggling to make it through the terrible twos stage, take a close look at my top 5 indicators listed below and see if you may need some help to put things right.

1) Are You Always Yelling?

Does it seem like you cannot have a conversation with your toddler especially around bath time, meal time or bed time without raising your silk lash wholesale? Yelling and screaming is a common response to frustration and is an attempt to win back control. This yelling however seems to fuel the fires of an independent little toddler and do not be surprised to hear them yelling straight back at you!

2) Are There Two Many Guilty Feelings?

Whenever we have any sort of altercation be it with friends, family, work colleagues and especially, your little toddler, there are bound to be some guilty feelings or thoughts after the event. The main thing to look out for here is how often you are feeling guilty after an altercation or argument with your silk lash wholesale. Of course, some arguments or disagreements are unavoidable but too many guilty after thoughts is a bright flashing sign that you and your toddlers communication needs some work.

3) Are You Seeing Your Own Negative Behavior Reflected In Your Children?

In my family, this was one of the biggest signs that I was not handling the terrible two’s stage very well.

I was an intensely frustrated parent going through the terrible two’s stage and little did I know that with my own actions, I was teaching them bad silk lash wholesale!

For good or bad, our children learn from us, watch us and mimic us. You can only imagine how I felt when I started to recognize my own catch phrases, statements and threats in my own two boys. What hurt me even more was the way in which my two boys tried to sort out conflict or frustration when playing together. Yep, you guessed it, in the same way that I was doing it!

The last two indicators or signs are probably the most important to identify and recognize if they are a part of your daily interactions with your silk lash wholesale. If you recognize them in your parenting then now is a great time to take a deep breath, review and get a little bit of assistance. Save yourself some emotional trauma and get back on the job of nurturing that crucial developing relationship between you and your toddler.

4) Feeling Frustrated And Helpless

This one is one of the most common signs that you need help with your terrible two stage. I remember it myself before I learned how to control the silk lash wholesale and the memories of my wife and I sitting around the dinner table after another failed meal time feeling extremely frustrated, stressed, angry, drained and an overall consuming feeling of helplessness are still there. Rest assured, you are not the only one to question yourself and your parenting skills!

5) Hitting or Lashing Out At Your Children

This is pretty much the biggest sign that you are not coping and need to learn some new silk lash wholesale and strategies to help you deal with the terrible two’s!

Now we are not talking about the “To smack or not to smack” debate here but more so the element of losing control and lashing out. These occasions are normally spur of the moment and come out of extreme anger and helpless frustration. Pushing over, kicking, hitting, multiple strike smacking and even shaking your toddler is NEVER acceptable behavior. If you feel that you are guilty of this type of discipline then I thoroughly recommend that you stop, reassess and review the way you are parenting your child or children.

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At the end of the silk lash wholesale, dealing with the terrible two’s (as well as that year or two on each side!) is all about good communication.

If you need help and would like to find out a lot more about silk lash wholesale With The Terrible Two’s as well as some funny videos and easy to implement tips,

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