Make-Up Application Tips For Mature Women – The Eyes Have It

Many women are interested in the latest fashion and beauty trends, but what looks good on the run-way model may not come together for the average woman who lives a busy life. Furthermore, quite often the current trends are geared toward youth without consideration to the growing population of older women. Let’s face it ~ the smokey eye look just might not be the most attractive option for aging eyes ~ let alone the workplace. Older women want to continue to look their best, however. So there are a few individual lashes to keep in mind.

individual lashes
individual lashes

Hltln Consider the changing nature of your face. What looked good a few years ago may not be highlighting your best features today. As crow’s feet and fine lines develop around our eyes, we must reconsider the way we use eye-liner, for instance. As to not draw attention to those well-earned laugh lines, older women should not draw attention to the bottom part of the eye. Whereas we could once enclose the eye with eyeliner, it is best to focus only on the top portion of the individual lashes as we age. Do not use eyeliner on the lower lid.

Resist using mascara on the lower individual lashes of the eye. Mascara is used to enhance and draw attention ~ and no one wants attention drawn to fine lines. It just doesn’t make sense to coat the lower lid once our faces started to develop under-eye wrinkles. If you feel naked without the mascara, at least switch to a brown and toss out the deep black. Black mascara is too harsh for aging eye areas. Do, however, curl your lashes with an eye-lash curler as this makes the eyes more open and radiant.

You can still use eyeliner on your top lid, but avoid the stark-look of liquid eyeliners. On older, delicate individual lashes, the liquid seeps around the tiny wrinkles and serve to highlight the imperfections. Instead, opt for a green, plum or brown colored pencil, depending on your own eye color. Soften the look by smudging the line just slightly using an eyeshadow brush. A light dusting of shadow is still appropriate but do not use cream shadows. Cream applications will seep into the folds and crevices of the lid and cake, drawing attention to sagging skin.

A light, wispy matte powder is best for bringing out the best in your eyes without highlighting the features of age. Pastel colors work best for mature individual lashes. Generally the idea to keep in mind is softness and simplicity ~ no glitter, no sparkle, no extreme colors. Downplay wrinkles by softening the look and drawing attention to your best features.

Finally, as we age our eye brows tend to become sparser and thinner. This is unfortunate because our eye-brows frame our face. Fill in your eye brows with a soft pencil or shadow or gel (there are many on the market) that matches your natural color. Do not use long, dark pencil strokes but rather feather in the color just as a natural hair would look. Your whole face will brighten up if your eye brows are done well.

individual lashes
individual lashes

It is difficult to change ones style, but if you experiment, and ask for honest opinions from friends, you might discover a fresh new beautiful look for you that will take you into your mature years.


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